Romanian inventor entered the Guiness Book

alexandru duru


A Romanian entered the Guinness Book of Records and has offers from NASA and several companies worldwide. The record he set with a movie on a self-propelling plate got him more than 5.5 million views on Youtube.




Alexandru Catalin Duru is not going to stop here. The Romanian living in Canada told on Antena 3, the story of its invention and talked about his future project that will be, he promised, even more spectacular.
The invention of Alexandru Cătălin Duru – a plate equipped with propeller – has gone a long way. Longer than the nearly 276 meters travelled during the world premiere.

Five years ago, it was just an idea seemingly impossible of the young man settled in Montreal.

Alexandru and his partners worked on the project a year and a half. The prototype weighs 15 kg, has eight rotors and eight propellers, the skeleton is made of carbon and can carry a maximum load of 100 kilograms. The device runs on batteries.

The first test was an exiciting one. The most important one, the world record flight was performed a few days ago in Canada.






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