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Romania: Schengen accession and EU presidency in 2019

Romanian Liberals invite parliamentary parties to consultations.



              The Liberals have invited all parliamentary parties to consultations on August 17th on subjects regarding Romania’s macrostability such as European-fund absorption, infrastructure development and local administration reform. Another theme on the agenda is the Tax Code. Co-President of the Liberal Party Alina Gorghiu has stated that Liberal MPs are going to endorse the document on certain conditions:
Alina Gorghiu: We announced that we will endorse the Tax Code provided that numbers prove able to support the fiscal relaxation package. There have been several points and doubts which I hope the new impact study by the Cabinet will be able to put aside. I think these doubts – seconded by the Fiscal Council which believes all these measures, including raises of public servants’ salaries, would rise the deficit to 5-6% – are something we should discuss.
Other subjects proposed for consultations are the Schengen accession and Romania’s preparation for the EU Presidency in 2019.

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